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Born in a state called South Australia, moved around a bit as a kid we ended up living in a town not far from Bathurst (anyone that follows Car Racing would now where it is) but now live in Queensland Australia, I am a Single Mother of  One (but sometimes feels likes more) Book Lover, 1- Click Addict.

Sometimes I wish I was in the States as there is always a book signing going on somewhere. Don't get me wrong I love Australia but as a Blogger we are a little limited here.

We do have amazing authors over here. but nowhere near as much as the states (which of course is not hard look how many more people the US has).

When I started blogging I was using my ipad to do my reading which was a pain (to big) to use when I wanted to go down to the beach and read, my iphone was to small, so when I was out and about doing some shopping one day I seen a kindle fire HD and I loved it (not to big, not to small it was and is just right) its perfect for what I want for it. Now in 2014 i couldnt live without it.

How I Started Blogging
One of my friends asked how I got into blogging not to long ago, well the start of 2013 I started reading again after not picking up a book for about ten years (I know crazy) thinking back im pretty sure it was the Twilight Saga, but at the time my life was crazy working, having my boy and trying to bring him up by myself (well I have my amazing mother and father here with me, they help me out) and with my son being a special needs kid my hands are full most of the time, reading was and is my time away from everything which I think for a lot of people that read it is, sometimes I lost track of the books I had read or wanted to read.
 Talking to my sister Kylie (well not really my sister but my closest friend) on the phone one day and she said why don't I start a blog to keep track of the books and to say what you think of them you never know people might like what you have to say and keep coming back to see what you have to say about the next book. so really it started then.

Different Types of Authors

If you asked me what a Indie Author was last year I would of laughed and turned around shaking my head thinking what are they talking about but now I understand and as a blogger I am here to help get their books out so people like me can read amazing books that otherwise wouldn't have been published. most of the books I have read in the last couple of months are from Indie Authors. In my Top Ten Authors I think I have Eight Indie Authors. I will support any author so if you ever need help please just let me know. 

Since I started to blog I have met so many amazing people (other bloggers and authors) which have all helped and excepted me in to their groups and let me be involved in Tours and Events that I otherwise would not have been. I hope to one day to get to meet everyone in person when or if you ladies ever come to my corner of the world.

Please if you ever want me to do a review or be a part of anything drop me a Email or PM me on facebook or tweet me on twitter and PM me on goodreads.

Thanks for taking the time to read this you are all amazing..

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  1. Hi Nessa - Left you a message on FB and leaving one here as well. I would love to have you review my first novel "When Darkness Falls", The First Vampire Redemption Story. It is a paranormal, urban fantasy, adult fiction set in France. My e-mail is: ellenchauvet.com@gmail.com. Thank you, Ellen