Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This By Blue Sullivan



Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This, is a relationship advice book that differentiates itself mostly by not being about dating at all…

Instead, it’s about answering the four core questions in life:

1) Who are you?
2) Where are you?
3) Where are you going?
4) Who are you going with?

The book suggests that the last of these questions can only be satisfactorily resolved by answering the other three first.

You must know who you are before you can know where you are in life.
You must understand where you are in life before you can decide where your life is headed.
You must also know your destination before you can choose the right “travel” partner.

To address these essential questions, we invite the reader to contemplate the origins of:

Their ideas on love.
Their ideas of what constitutes the “perfect” mate.
Their ideas of their own personal “type”.
And most importantly, their ideas of themselves, including their own capacity to love and be loved.

Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This isn’t a set of inflexible rules for who you should be, how you should behave, or who and what you should care about because life is messy, and people are not the same. This book helps you unearth the “rules” which best suit you. Often success in life isn’t about discovering concrete “answers,” it’s about asking the questions better.

What I Think 

I'm lucky enough to get to review this awesome book that the author asked me to do and of course i put my hand up to do it.

If i didnt silly me. The first page i read made me laugh and from then on i couldnt put it down, Thank you Blue for letting me read this amazing book and i will cherish the copy i got.

The way it is was written was like you were sitting down talking with your girlfriends having a few drinks which i liked  how that was set out, so really think that if you are looking for this kind of book, Blue's book is the way to go.

I recommend this book to all my followers, friends and family and also giving it a 5 reader rating and as you know lately when i give a book a 5 reader rating it goes up on to my must read list for 2015

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