Unkinder by Andrea Andersson


Hunted now by the Corvus family, who is this mysterious, new man in her life? Can Ciara Solas trust anyone ever again?

Romantic, erotic and intense, the Unkindness trilogy will thrill and challenge all of its readers time and time again.

What I Think

I have been lucky enough to not only read the first one out of the trilogy but this amazing book as well. It starts off right where the first one left which i really like in trilogy's some authors sometimes jump a few months or even in some a couple of years and it leaves you thinking that you have missed something.

This book is jammed packed with something awesome happening on every page it is a book that you would not put down until you are finished. I fell in love with this story from the first page of the first book and the love for it continues in this one. 

For all romance book lovers this is a RECOMMENDED book of 2014 MUST READ you will no be let down at all.   

I thank the author for giving us this amazing story to read and i will be reading everything to wrote in years to come, Thank You.

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