The Conspiracy Kid


A sonnet is penned and, lo, the Conspiracy Kid Fan Club is born. Beware. To read this sonnet is to join the Club. Membership is automatic and irreversible.

This is the story of the earliest unwitting Conspiracy Kid Fan Club members: Edwin Mars (poet), Joe Claude (billionaire), Walter Cornelius (werewolf), Muriel Cohen (chef),

to name but a few.
Or, as Edwin Mars, being a poet, puts it: 
This is the story of Joe Claude and me,
And of my son and the sisters he loved,
And of their father, how he came to be 
In a graveyard - naked and uni-gloved; 
Hamburgers, hurricanes, murder and string, 
Werewolves and waiters and barmen and cooks, 
From Maine to Biloxi, Mayfair to Pring, 
Furniture, ketamine, golfing and books; 
Marriages made and broken and mended 
Under the shadow of loved ones who died. 
See how the grieving billionaire ended 
Up in that prison where laughter’s proscribed. 
Will he be rescued then? Read and find out 
What The Conspiracy Kid’s all about. 

What I Think

Well this isnt a Genre i normally read but saying that i really liked the story i was hooked. if i wasnt unwell and i got to just sit and read it in a couple of sittings instead of over couple of weeks i think i would of given it my highest rating. 
I really liked the characters and the storyline, i would love to read more from E.P. Rose he is an amazing author and knows how to use the words to get you hooked on the story. 
I am totally recommending this book to read even if it isnt the normal genre you read give it a chance it might surprise you as it did with me.

Book Rating

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