Maura Pierce seems to have everything – a bright future, a trust fund and a boyfriend who can’t wait to settle down. It almost seems like enough until Nate Sullivan comes home. Nate – her childhood best friend, her first love. The boy who left without a trace one night and broke her heart. When their attraction threatens the future she and her parents have so carefully crafted, loyalties will be tested and secrets will be uncovered. Giving in may cost her everything. But how do you resist the only thing you’ve ever really wanted?

About The Author

Elizabeth O’Roark is a former medical writer who now lives in Washington, DC with her three youngish children.   She is an avid reader and runner, when she is able to escape the aforementioned children.  And she absolutely prefers writing fiction (a.k.a. just making shit up) to writing about liver transplants and amniocentesis.
“Undertow”, though completely fictitious, was heavily influenced by the 5 years she lived in Charleston, SC.  She is currently hard at work on her second novel, tentatively titled “The Finish Line”.

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What I Think

I really liked this book the characters are just like you would find if you ran into them down the street (but they wouldn't be seen shopping for themselves) Jordan is just like the rest of the family all stuckup but Maura and her grandfather weren't like the rest they seen people as themselves not were they came from or how much money they had.

Jordan and Maura went to Paradise Cove every summer were a lot of the kids they knew did. She loved it there she met Nate there he was the Maids son. every year they would hang out with each other when Maura got older she seen Nate differently she started falling for him and him for her. but something happened and Maura didnt come back to Paradise Cove for five years.

 She was graduating very soon and out of the blue Ethan, Jordan's best friend rang her and said he is in town and would love to catch up, she went out for dinner with him. one thing lead to another and they were seeing each other. Maura had been thinking that she should go back to the Cove as her grandmother was getting older and she didnt know how long she would be alive.

Im not going to say anything else as it will give things away and it is a really nice read
I gave this book a 4 readers rating it is on my must read list for this year.

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