Enforce by Rachel Van Dyken


There’s two sides to every story...
And ours? Isn't pretty...
Then again, what's pretty about the mafia?
Trace Rooks, that’s what.
But she only wants one of us, and I'll kill him before I let him have her.
The only problem?
We're cousins.
And she may just be our long lost enemy.
Whoever said college was hard, clearly didn't attend Eagle Elite University.
Welcome to hell also known as the Mafia where blood is thicker than life, and to keep yours? Well, keep your friends close, and your enemies?
Even closer...

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What i think

First of all I loved it, I got to see,hear what the guys of the Elect were thinking or doing. I am hoping it continues to be written after this because I really like to see their point of view of the guys for the rest of the books.

Well I have to start with “The Boss” Nixon, oh my goodness where do I start with him he is dick to Tracey most of the time only because he has feelings for her he doesn’t know if he should then as he is the boss of the family and cant show weakness to his people or other familes.

I now see Chase in a different light after reading this book. He has the short end of the stick yet again, in elite you didn’t see how he really felt about tracey and how hard it was for him to see his cousin go after her and have the same feelings as him for her and all he could stand there and watch.

Tex well what can I say he is funny as hell something you only see a little in elite but you get to see the real him in this book and how totally in love with Mo he is or is he??
Tex is I don’t know how is say it loyal but in the book he is in love with Mo well you think that then he turns around and says shit to the guys like he is a manwhore. But if he was like that Nixon wouldn’t let him be with his twin sister.

Phoenix well is was a total arsehole in elite and he is even worst in this book, I think I dislike him even more now then before reading this. But the thing is the things he does and say he thinks it’s the best for them all as in the family,the elect. With Phoenix it is all about the elect and noone can come between them and when tracey does he takes it in hi own hands to do something about it.

I will be recommending this amazing book to everyone I know as well as the series, I have not read a bad book from Rachel Van Dyken yet and I hope I don’t. I’m giving this book a 5 readers rating and will be putting it in to my must reads for 2015.

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