Burnt by Karly Lane


He came home to heal. She came home to start over. Can first love reignite without one of them getting burnt?
Sebastian Taylor and Rebecca Whiteman were country town high school sweethearts dreaming of a future together when an accident one night forever changed their destiny...
Eighteen years after the tragedy, newly divorced Rebecca returns to the small town she left behind, to start a new life. Seb, now an elite SAS soldier in the Australian Army, arrives home to his farm, injured and grieving, to face a town that hasn’t forgotten and a father who has never understood him.
Rebecca has enough problems of her own without adding Seb Taylor to the mix: a failed marriage, two children to support and a persistent mysterious caller. The last thing she needs is her first love making a sudden reappearance in her life. Seb doesn’t want to get mixed up in Rebecca's life. He came home to heal his wounds, both old and new, but can he do it without getting burnt?

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About the Author


Karly Lane lives with her extremely patient husband and four children in Macksville, on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales. A certified small-town girl, she is most happy in a little town where everyone knows who your grandparents were.

Karly writes women’s fiction, everything from romantic suspense to family sagas and life in rural Australia. She fits in her writing around her chooks, dog, various adopted farm animals, school pickup and children.

Growing up, Karly and her family moved a lot with her father's work, living in many rural communities. Many of her fictional towns are based on these places spread throughout NSW and QLD. Karly has since returned to the town where her family can trace its origins back to the original settlement to raise her own children.

Having previously worked as a pathology collector, she is now lucky enough to be able to write full time, spending all day with her fictional characters while trying to ignore her nemesis, the never-ending cycle of washing which continues to multiply daily. She dreams of one day having a housekeeper...and a pool guy...and a pool...

She is a proud member of the RWA Australia. Karly loves to hear from her readers so find her on Facebook, and say hi.


What i Think


When asking to review this book for harlequin i wasn't sure what to expect i haven't read a book in a long time that was based here in Australia, it was weird to read about the story being told in places that i have been myself but i loved it.

Seb is all ARMY and is only home because he got injured and has to take time to let is body heal, so he comes back home he hasn't been to in 18 years. so much has changed and at the same time nothing has. Seb didn't know that Rebecca has moved back home as well until he walks in to the hospital where she works to get has dressing changed, and all the feelings he had 18 years ago comes back.

Rebecca is getting used to being a single mum of two girls after her marriage didn't work out she tried to stay in the city so the girls would be closer to their father but it was hard on Rebecca and she put in for a job at her home towns hospital. She could stay with her parents for long because she didn't want them to hate her for leaving them to look after her kids when she was working nights. When Rebecca seen Seb for the first time since he left to join the ARMY the feelings were still strong.
  I am giving this book a 4 book readers rating and recommending it to everyone to read it, it is a amazing book written by a amazing australian author.

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