Campus Crush Series by Ashelyn Drake


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Title: Campus Crush Series
Author: Ashelyn Drake

Release date: 2013
Genre: New Adult, Romance


Romancing The R.A.

Noelle Buckman is looking forward to making a fresh start in college, one that doesn’t involve immature high school boys. The second she steps on campus for freshman orientation, she can sense the possibilities. Especially when she spots Andy, a resident advisor who’s not just hot but also thoughtful enough to open doors for a girl.
And Andy has his eye on Noelle. Even when her nerves take control and she thinks she comes off as a hillbilly with no direction, Andy can see what she’s really like and he’s more than a little interested.
But orientation is less than two full days and there’s an entire summer between Noelle and Andy. Will her attempt to romance the R.A. be as short-lived as college orientation?

Behind Closed Doors

Julia Monroe is through wishing she had an older guy like her best friend Noelle does. It’s time for her to act on her desires. So when she sees sexy, twenty-three-year-old Darren McEntire eating dinner alone at the pub, she decides to make her move. The attraction between them is undeniable, and even through Julia isn’t looking for a one-night stand, she winds up back at Darren’s place the same night she meets him. Only being with him makes her realize what she’s been missing dating other guys. All she wants is Darren.
But Julia allows Darren to think she’s his age and a grad student at the nearby college. She knows she has to confess the truth, but she’s afraid to shatter what they have. Not knowing what to do, she starts the semester only to discover that her new teaching assistant is none other than Darren. With the lies out in the open and campus policy against them, Julia and Darren know the relationship should be over before it even begins. But the chemistry between them is too strong to deny.
Can they find a way to be together or are they doomed to only see each other behind closed doors?

Rushing Into Love

As a college junior, Mindy Stanton has no interest in dating a freshman.

That is until Ben Whitmore shows up and serenades his way into her heart at the dorm social she’s running. And after hearing him sing, even Mindy can’t deny that he has a deep, sexy voice that makes her melt.
Even though Mindy makes it clear that she doesn’t date younger guys, Ben pursues her anyway. After all, he doesn’t seem like the typical college freshman, who is only interested in hooking up, partying until he can’t remember his name, or joining a frat. He’s a gentleman, a romantic, and definitely knows all the right things to say to sweep a girl off her feet.
So Mindy drops her guard. She allows herself to fall for him. Before she knows it, Ben is all she can think about. To her, he’s perfect.
But it doesn’t take Mindy long to discover that even the most perfect guys…
Have secrets

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About the Author

Ashelyn Drake is a New Adult and Young Adult romance author represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Management. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate.

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What i Think

Romance the R.A (Campus Romance #1)

I was lucky to get  invite to review this series and I loved every book of it and will be recommending it to everyone I know.
It was a sweet book I haven't read many of them lately it was good to get to read a classic romance, you know boy meets girl they both like each other but there is always a reason why they not to be together... this book is like that but in today's ways I guess. they way Ashelyn Drake wrote it was beautiful. 
It follows Noelle and Julia on the Orientation Weekend to Timberland Campus where they are there to get to know the layout and the classes they what to go into, well that's why Noelle is there for but Julia has her eyes out for College guys and to hookup. when walking to the first talk with the Dean of Timberland they meet Andy with his manners and gentlemanly ways, Noelle couldn't stop looking at him and instead of listening to the Dean she sitting there watching Andy, Wondering why he is there as he is older then them not by much but still why is he there for is he checking out the girls that will be coming to Timberland or is there a reason why he is there???. with all the questions going around in her head she still sat there watching until he turned around and looked at her.

Andy was the Deans son as well as a R.A. but they connect right away she just cant get in the car and leave or can she.  

Behind Closed Doors (Campus Romance #2)

This one follows Julia and Darren.they meet when Julia is out having dinner with Noelle and Andy, feeling like the third wheel Julia sees a young man sitting by himself and goes over to him and asks if she can sit with him while he is eating, he lets her sit and orders her a wine and cake that has only just hit the menu. He knows this as he is the owners son and works at the bar, he is here early so he can grab something to eat before starting his shift.

They start talking and soon they are moving up to the bar as Darren is running late for work, he didn't want her to leave and she didn't wont to go but she needed to let him get to work, so Julia gets up and heads out to the bus stop just down the street, standing there waiting for the next bus a drunk guy from one of the frat houses down the road came walking up to her asking did she want to have a good time, she started to freak out and tried to call Noelle to come pick her up but forget to press send, the guy took her phone from her before she could do anything about it she could hear Darren telling the guy to give it back to her and to get out of here, Julia was a bit scared and Darren told her that he will take her home once he had finished his shift but instead of taking her home they went to his place.

After the amazing night they had Julia woke up in a happy mood ready to go to learn something, the first class was Art history Intro (which Noelle made her sign up for) Julia and Noelle took their seats in the third row, bit close for Julia's liking but Noelle instead she didn't want to miss anything, settling down ready for the class to start the theacher and his T.A walked in.
All Julia could hear was Noelle swearing something so looking she seen why standing in front of her class was Darren. questions came to her, why didn't he tell her that he was a T.A at Timberland? why just say he worked at the bar?. but then he thought that she was a gradstudent not a undergrad

Rushing Into Love (Campus Romance #3)

This book follows Mindy Noelle and Julia's R.A out of the first book. it starts at a social for the freshman. Mindy and Mike were on duty drinks (making sure no one spike it) and making sure everyone is having a good time. they had a karaoke guy up on the stage getting the new freshman's to come up and sing. Ben got up on stage and started singing of course it Mindy couldn't take her eyes off him and he was the same, Ben continuing to sing to Mindy jumping down from the stage coming over to her and putting his arm so they could dance she didn't pull away or look away from him (love at first sight). once the sing was over Ben didn't pull away from her for a few minutes, until Mindy pulled away and needed to go outside to get fresh air.

The day after the social Mindy went on with her classes and was just heading out of one when she seen Ben waiting with two coffees, when he seen her jumping up and coming over to her and started talking she didn't have long before her next class, but Ben wanted to know if she would go out with him for dinner that night. a lot of things happen but I don't want to give to much away.

Book Rating

I give this Series a 4 readers rating because of its sweet classic romance in today's world.
 If you like sweet romance these books are for you.


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