Melanie's Evanescent Journey

Genres: Fantasy/Paranormal-Romance


True Love may cost a price, if the greater good preordains that you are the sacrifice.

There are always two sides to a story. Melanie Wilhelm’s begins after
she moves from Australia and starts her senior year at Cashmere High. 
On her first day, she bumps into a mysterious guy, and they form an 
instant connection. They become friends and he shares his deepest secret
with her. As they grow closer, their relationship amplifies and becomes
binding. Strange things occur, but instead of worrying, Melanie’s 
feelings intensify.

The excitement of New Year’s Eve approaches, and so does Jason’s most 
devastating revelation of all. She learns his ultimate truth and is now 
spun into his chaotic web. The danger rises and hard choices must be 
made. By being with Jason, Melanie may have to sacrifice more than her 
heart. It may cost her life.

Melanie’s Evanescent Journey ties into books one and two of The Sonar 
Trilogy. From spiraling twists to devastating plots, her journey will 
make you question fate and true love.

Is fate something you can control? Some believe it’s in the hands of what you behold.


The following Friday night Jason and I were in the family room eating
pizza. After we finished eating we decided to watch a movie. I had
never seen the Underworld series before, and now he had me hooked. We were on the sofa,
watching the fourth movie. He had me lying across his chest. Jaden
came into the room and seemed surprised to see us.

“Hey, Jaden.”
“What’s up?” Jason said to him. Jaden rolled his eyes, didn’t reply, and
walked away. Jason lifted us up on the sofa. “I will be back in a

He followed Jaden. I was going to stay put until I heard Jason’s voice
rise. I bolted up and went into the kitchen. Harmony was in there
also. Jason was in his face and looked pissed. Jaden appeared
concerned, like he was trying to convince him to do something. None
of them saw me.

“What’s your problem?” Jason asked, gritting his teeth.
“I don’t think you should have her around with everything that’s
going on,” Jaden replied.

Were they talking about me?
“She doesn’t have anything to do with this,” Jason said.

“I think you are taking it too personal. He doesn’t mean any harm,”
Harmony said to Jason.
“It’s not right to involve her further, and you know it,” Jaden
“We don’t even have all of the facts,” Jason countered.
“We know enough. You are just too blind to see it.” Jaden threw in his

They were talking about me, but why? None of it made sense. The last
statement Jaden said pushed Jason over the edge. He shoved Jaden in
his chest so hard he flew back into the refrigerator and slipped to
the ground. He got up fast and pushed Jason back.

“Guys, stop!” I yelled, frantic. Jason pushed him again and tried to get
him in a wrestler hold. Thank goodness Harmony rushed into the
crossfire and somehow managed to separate them. She had both of her
arms extended, one hand on each of their chests.

“You guys better cut it out right now! Don’t make me tell you twice!”
She commanded. They stopped struggling against her. Did she have a black belt in karate
that they obeyed her so readily? Jason looked at me, frowned, and bit
his lip. He seemed embarrassed by his actions. He walked toward me
and pulled me from the kitchen quickly. In the hallway he said, “I’m
sorry about that. Do you mind if we go back to your place?”

“Sure, but what’s going on?”
“Let’s talk about it in the car.”

Jason gathered my things and had me out of the house before I could blink.
He didn’t want me around his siblings; that was clear. He had
picked me up from my house so we were in his car. He blew out his
breath, and his forehead was furrowed. He was deep in thought and
didn’t seem like he wanted to talk.

“Are you going to tell me what that was about?”

“We are having some family problems.”

“Yeah, that’s obvious. What does it have to do with me?”


“That’s not what your brother thinks.”
“My brother doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Well, your sister seemed to agree.” He didn’t answer. “Why does your
brother dislike me?”
He looked at me apologetically. “Mel, my brother and sister like you
just fine.”
“Why did you push your brother then?”

“We have been bumping heads for a while. Things just added up.”
“I don’t buy it.”

“Mel, you’re being paranoid. You are reading too much into this. My
brother and I have argued before. We are both hotheaded, so sometimes
things get heated.”

“I think there’s more going on than you are telling me. It’s clear
you don’t want to share. Just drop me off. I don’t want to talk
about it anymore.” I crossed my arms against my chest and looked
out the window.

“Mel,” he said, pouting. I ignored him, and he sighed.

At the next stoplight, he put the car in park. What was he doing? He
undid his seatbelt and lunged at me. I was shocked at his
aggressiveness. I was worried, irritated, and scared, but all of my
emotions unraveled in the kiss. It was explosive. He pushed his
tongue into my mouth and the watermelon substance expelled. He kissed
me like his mouth was made for mine. Within seconds desire pulsed
inside every vein in my body. I kissed him back fiercely and pulled
his hair. He moaned, and then several people started to blow their
horns. The light was green. He pulled back, breathing heavily, and
drove on through the intersection.

“Are you talking to me now?” he asked.

still felt high from his tongue of ecstasy. Why
was I mad again?
“I’m talking, but I don’t like you keeping me in the dark.”

“My family and I will get it sorted out, okay. But I don’t want you to
think you are the cause of the problem. That’s not the case. Are
you really not going to let me come in?” he asked, pulling into my
driveway. A few minutes ago I would have said no, but after the way
he kissed me, I couldn’t. He kissed me that way on purpose just so
he could have his way with me.

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About the Author

I have wanted to be an author since I was fifteen years old and grateful 
to have accomplished this dream. I have three wonderful children and a 
husband who defines the person I am today. I work full-time as an 
Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.

I have very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. I like to read, watch 
tons of TV shows, and movies. I’m addicted to romance and get a thrill 
out of action and suspense. I write New Adult Fantasy, Sci-fi, and 

In the Sonar series it was fun to explore different elements of Sci-fi 
romance and create various realms of powers for my characters. I want to
show my readers that Sci-fi can be fun, but also traumatic. I hope you 
guys enjoy the Sonar Series.  

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