Damned and Desperate by Tara West


Damned and Desperate
My afterlife has sunk to a new level of desperate, all because some badass demon banished my friends to the fourth dimension of the fiery pit. 
When I signed up for this rescue mission, nobody told me about the bugs, hives, and sweltering heat. That I could handle. Add to that a sinfully sexy boyfriend with serious ex-fianc√© issues, three temperamental giants, a psychotic demon dentist, and a really hungry soul-sucking dragon, and this trip to Hell has become the trip from Hell. 
And I forgot to pack my sunscreen

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What I Think

I think im like everyone that has read it so far and that is i loved it, i have been waiting for it since i finished the second book hopeing it was going to be released early but now that i have read it im glad it wasnt it was worth the wait. 

Everything i have read of Tara's has blown me away, i didnt think books could do that. but have Tara writing something and finishing with amazing series like this one, she would get all the rewards if it was up to me. I dont want to say much about the book only to go and buy it if you havent already (ah look below there is links to all the books in the Series.)

Damned and Desperate is the third book in this awesome series. You have followed Ash and Grim into Hell and back.

I cant wait to see what Tara will come up with next.

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