Interview with S.Moose

What is the hardest thing about writing?

--Not being distracted..Facebook is the enemy!

Have you ever had writers block - if so what got you through it?

--I watch movies and listen to music.

Do you read much or at all?

--Love reading!

If you do read who/what are your favorite authors/Genre?

--I have so many favorite authors and I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind hehe.

Do you read your books review?

--Yes, I read every single review. It helps me grow and honestly many reviews make me feel better.

If you were asked for advise from a aspiring writer what would you tell them?
--Take it SLOW. Writing and publishing isn’t a race. You don’t want to publish your book without making sure it’s perfect.

Which Authors inspire you?

--Sandi Lynn is one of the reasons why I’m an author. She’s been with me since day 1 and I truly look up to her.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

--I’m a 27. child at heart girl who is looking for love and laughter. I married the love of my life, Kevin and we live in Webster, NY. I graduated from Saint John Fisher College in 2011 and work for an auditing health care company. When I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with family and friends.

How does it feel to have your work published?

--It still feels like I’m dreamy. It’s a great feeling and I’m loving every single moment.

Do you still like writing as much as you did when you first started?

--Yes, I do.

Where is your favorite place to write if you have one?

--On my deck when it’s nice out.

If you werent writing what else do you be doing?

--Reading haha. No, I’m hanging out and enjoying life.

What is your comfort food?

--Potato chips!

Do you use a Pen name or real name?

--Real name..Just my first initial and last name =)

Do you listen to music when you write?

--Sure do!

The funnest thing happened at a signing?

--Well, I’ll let you know when I attend my first one on March 15 in NYC!

The Scariest thing happened at a signing?

--Not sure yet but I know I’m going to be nervous. I’m lucky to have Sandi sharing a table with me. It only makes sense haha she was there with me when I first published and she’s with me for my first signing.

10 Quick Questions

chocolate - white/dark/milk

--White chocolate

pets - dog/cat/bird/fish


hair - long/short


getaway - Mountains/ Beach


Holidays - Easter/Xmas/Halloween


Movies - Horror/Comedy/ Romance


Wine - Red/White


Season - Summer/Winter


Meal - Fast Food/ Homecooked

--Home cooked

Favorite Ice cream –

--Cookies and cream

As you can see by reading some of the answers this interview was done at the beginning of the year and im sorry it has taken me so long to put it up.

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