Interview with Lila Felix

  • What is the hardest thing about writing ?
I think the hardest thing about writing is hitting that publish button. It’s like reaching inside yourself, tearing off a little piece of your heart and then putting it on an examination table. It’s so scary. Even after 11 novels and 1 novella, it never gets easy.

  • Have you ever had writers block - if so what got you through it ?
I have not ever had writer’s block. I think the key to not getting writer’s block is to read as much as possible. It gets the creative juices flowing.

  • Do you read much or at all ?
I read TONS! I read more now than I did before I was a writer. I try to cram books in between books and I also use books as a reward system for getting my word goals completed.

  • If you do read who/what are your favorite Authors/Genre ?
I have some favorites. I love anything YA (paranormal, romance). Some of my favorites are Rachel Higginson, Shelly Crane, Amy Bartol, Jamie Magee, Anne Eliot, Amber Garza, A.M. Hargrove and Amity Hope.

  • Do you read your books review ?
Yes. I read them. I’ve grown a thicker skin since starting and now have a little more strength to take the bad ones. But every once in a while, one will really get me down.

  • If you were asked for advice from an aspiring writer what would you tell them ?
Write, write and write some more. Do the work. No one is going to sell your books for you. Email the bloggers, put in the social media time, and then keep writing some more. And always edit, edit, edit.

  • Which Authors inspire you ?
Shelly Crane, Rachel Higginson, Amy Bartol, Jamie Magee, Amber Garza, Samantha Young, Michelle Leighton, Quinn Loftis: They all inspire me and I’m so blessed to call them my friends.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself ?
I live in Louisiana with my three kids, three dogs and I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 15 years. And I love cookies.

  • How does it feel to have your work published ?
It’s such a blessing, but boy is it work. I bet I work 60+ hours a week. But I love every single second of it.

  • Do you still like writing as much as you did when you first started ?
I do. I love it. I’m enamored with telling my stories.

  • Where is your favorite place to write if you have one ?
Anywhere! I can literally write anywhere.

  • If you weren't writing what else do you be doing ?
I would be a stay at home mom.

  • What is your comfort food ?
Pasta!! I love pasta, anything pasta.

  • Do you listen to music when you write ?
Yes, music is my world. I turn it on first thing in the morning and it doesn’t end until I go to bed. I can remember what music was playing during some significant moments in my life.

  • The funnest thing happened at a signing ?
It’s all fun! I love meeting my readers. I have the most kick butt readers on the planet!

  • The Scariest thing happened at a signing ?
I’m always a nervous wreck at a signing. As much fun as it is, I get totally nervous! It’s all scary.

10 Quick Questions



  •  Chocolate - White / Dark / Milk
  • Pets - Dog / Cat / Bird / Fish
  • Hair - Long / Short
  • Getaway - Mountains / Beach
  • Holidays - Easter / Xmas / Halloween
  • Movies - Horror / Comedy / Romance
All of the above.
  • Wine - Red / White
I don’t drink alcohol.
  • Season - Summer / Winter
  • Meal - Fast Food / Home-cooked
Home cooking every time.
  • Favorite Ice cream 
Bluebell Southern Blackberry cobbler.