The Darkness within Him by Alice Raine


If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You, you will love the new ‘Untwisted’ series, which follows the highly addictive relationship between devilishly dark Nicholas Jackson and Rebecca Langley.

A dizzying, all-consuming affair with famous pianist Nicholas Jackson draws in timid bookshop owner Rebecca and engulfs her with his passion and dominance, then spits her out heartbroken and bruised.

Now, Rebecca is left trying to move on from the relationship she shared with Nicholas, but just as she starts to clear her head, he reappears in her life determined to win her back.

But seeing as Nicholas has already shown once that the darkness within him is lurking just below the surface, can Rebecca really take that risk again with her heart and body? 

What i Think

There is alot of mixed reviews that i have read about this book, some could'nt finish reading because it was boring to them others loved it. the ones saying they loved it were ones that also loved fifty shades of grey. after reading them i wasnt sure if i wanted to but also thinking that everyone see/reads different (looking for different things in each book) and having that in my mind i read it, and was glad that i did.

There is one thing i don't like when reading other reviews for books is that every erotica romance is stood up against fifty shades of grey but sorry to say this but fifty shades isn't the bomb yes it is a good series but i like crossfire series much more or inside out series well i have had my two cents worth so all im going to say is read it and come back and tell me what you think of it , because i loved it really good storyline as well as good characters.

I'm giving this first book out of the series a three reader rating only because there could be a little more but i will be reading the rest of the series and reviewing once im done.

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