Unkindness by Andrea Andersson


A year out of college, Ciara Solas had been bouncing from one job to another. But after a wild night out on the town and a chance encounter, she's offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. To work as Personal Assistant for Nathan Corvus, head of the oldest family in Miami.

Despite being fully aware of the whole employee/employer relationship hazards, Ciara soon realizes her attraction for Nathan and much to her surprise that attraction is mutual. As her attraction intensifies she finds a much darker side to him which releases pent up desires within her that she didn't know existed.

Romantic, erotic, amusing and intense, the Unkindness trilogy will thrill and challenge all of its readers time and time again

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What I Think

I was asked to read this book by the author herself and was very happy too.
What can I say about this book it had everything you ask for in a book romance, drama, I little bdsm but not to much that it gets boring and over done it has just enough.

This story follows Nathan Corvus and Ciara Solas it start with a normal pub crawl night with Ciara and her friend dressed up in costumes. they end up at Club H where Nathan and Ciara meet for the first time Nathan could not keep his eyes off her when Ciara sits down in a booth he ends up coming over and gets to know her but was not there for long, time past until there is a phone call with a PA job offer. things go from there and I don't want to give things away but it is at the top of my must read list for this year, keep a eye out for this author.

 The way the ending is wowed me it sort of came out of nowhere but it fits in to the story. The author is a amazing writer and I hope i get to review the next book in this trilogy or any of her work I love how she writes.

Book Rating

This amazing book deserves my top reader ratings, because it ticked all the right boxes for me.