Divine And Dateless


Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go all the way...

What can be worse than electrocuting yourself while getting ready for your internet date? Realizing the hot stud you’ve been fondling is the Grim Reaper? Being chased by a sex-crazed, bloated, naked corpse?

How about an eternity of more bad hair days and horrific dates? Or lusting after the one guy in all the afterlife whose hydrophobia rivals his fear of commitment?

Yeah, that’s a whole lot worse.

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What I Think

Wow is one word to say about this story, amazing,funny, family,friends,soul-mates could be some more. i fell in love with the book as soon as i started reading it.

The book follows Ashley "Ash" MacLeod finding out she died after getting zapped by her blow dryer, meeting the grim reaper wasn't what Ash was thinking when she answered the door thinking that her blind date was early, when she opened the door to find a sexy man in jeans wanting to take er somewhere but little did she know she would have to wait to find her soulmate until after she died, Aedan "Grim" O'Conner was old fashion in more then one way, he showed her how the levels worked in Purgatory. 

i dont want to say to much about it or give anything away but once you start reading in you will not want to put in down. this is the first book of the series so once you are done reading this there will be more to come and you will be wanting more i promise. I am a big fan of Tara West work and have read all her work and they are all equally as good as this one.  

Im giving this book a 5 reader rating as i just couldnt get enough of it.

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