The Burlington Manor Affair


A legendary family estate.
A mutual longing.

A bargain struck.

Carmen Shelby wants what's been left to her—the valuable estate that she once called home. 

Rex Carruthers is the heir to Burlington Manor, a ruthless playboy who enjoys playing games, and all he wants is for Carmen to surrender.

There can be only one winner...

About The Author

I am the author of several erotic novels including ALONG FOR THE RIDE, INESCAPABLE, RAMPANT, SORCERESS, MONICA'S SECRET and THE HARLOT. I've also had shorter work published in numerous anthologies, and I have several ebook publications. 

I write across genres, and all of my work has erotic content, whether it's short erotica, a contemporary romance, or a novel set in a paranormal or historical world. I consider myself a storyteller, and what interests me most is how relationships develop and unfold, how and why we get from saying "hello" to sharing our most intimate selves in moments of passion. I also believe that the best kind of erotic fiction makes us turn the pages through a combination of a compelling storyline and explicit content. That's what I want to read, and that's what I try to write for my readers. 

I started out as a short story writer and my stories and novellas appear in over fifty international anthologies including BEST WOMEN'S EROTICA, THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA, the Red Sage SECRETS series and the Black Lace WICKED WORDS series. My work has also featured in several international magazines including PENTHOUSE, BUST and SCARLET.

After writing shorts for several years I moved into novel-length projects and DOUBLE DARE, my first full-length contemporary erotic romance novel, was published in October 2006 on the Penguin (US) Heat line. DOUBLE DARE won the Passionate Plume Award for best contemporary erotic romance of 2006. Two fantasy romance novels followed on the Juno books line in 2007: THE STRANGELING and UNVEILING THE SORCERESS. In July 2008 my second contemporary erotic romance novel, RECKLESS, was published by Penguin Heat. My next novel, RAMPANT, was signed by Harlequin in a 2 book deal for the Spice line. RAMPANT is due out n 2010. THE HARLOT will follow in 2011. I have lots more in the pipeline, and many more stories to tell.

I live in the north of England, close to the beautiful Yorkshire moors. Before I settled down here I traveled extensively. Visiting exotic countries contributed greatly to my desire to write -- that and an extremely vivid imagination! You can visit my website for more info:

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What I Think

It all starts at a party at the Burlington Manor 9 years earlier where Carmen had a very big crush on her stepbrother Rex, she wanted him so bad that she followed him up to his room to show him how much but when she got up there the door was ajar and she could hear something no someone making noises, she looked in and found her best friend laying on Rex's bed with him between her legs. From that moment she vowed to not feel that way towards Rex and for 9 years that was easy as Rex had not been around much,but now everything is going to change.

All Carmen wants is the Manor she is willing to buy it off Rex. but when the will was read and she finds out that she already owns half of the manor she was surprised she got anything from her stepfather.i would like write more but dont want to give things away. Happy reading everyone.

Im giving this book a 4 reader rating i really liked it but with the stories i have been reading lately i want more.

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